Colorado Facts, Stats and Information

Colorado Facts

  • U.S. State Name: Colorado
  • U.S. State Abbreviation: CO
  • U.S. Region: Western United States
  • Admission to the Union: August 1st, 1876
  • Total Area: 104,094 sq. mi.
  • Total Population: 5,773,714 (2020 USCB)
  • Capital City: Denver, CO
  • Largest City: Denver, CO

52 Colorado Facts

  1. Colorado is one of the 50 states of the United States of America.
  2. Colorado was the 38th state to join the United States on August 1, 1876.
  3. Colorado is in the western region of the United States.
  4. Colorado is the 8th largest U.S. state, covering a total of 104,093.67 square miles or 2.74% of the total area of the United States.
  5. Colorado's 104,093.67 square miles is 99.57% land and 0.43% surface water.
  6. Colorado is ranked 8th with the most land area in the United States, with 103,641.89 square miles of land area.
  7. Colorado is ranked 44th with the most water area in the United States, with 451.78 square miles of water area.
  8. Colorado is the 21st most populated U.S. state with a population of 5,773,714 or 1.75% of the total population of the United States.
  9. The state capital of Colorado is the city of Denver.
  10. Colorado is divided into 64 counties statewide.
  11. El Paso County is the most populated county in Colorado
  12. The most populated city in Colorado is Denver with an estimated 719,238 residents.
  13. The five most populated city in Colorado are Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins and Lakewood.
  14. A native or resident Colorado is called a Coloradan or Coloradoan.
  15. Colorado's average elevation statewide is 6,800 feet.
  16. Colorado's highest elevation point is Mount Elbert at 14,440 feet.
  17. Colorado's lowest elevation point is the Arikaree River at 3,315 feet.
  18. Colorado is all in the Mountain Time Zone (MT).
  19. The two letter abbreviation for Colorado is CO.
  20. The ISO 3166 code for Colorado is US-CO.
  21. Colorado is called the Centennial State.
  22. The estimated median household income in Colorado is $77,127.
  23. Colorado is the 5th most expensive U.S. state to buy a home with an estimated median home price of $397,820.
  24. Colorado is ranked 17th on the cost of living index out of all 50 U.S. states.
  25. Colorado has the 41st oldest population in the United States with a median age of 37.3.
  26. Colorado's average temperature is 46.26°F making it the 40th warmest state in the United States.
  27. Colorado on average has 16.98 inches of precipitation per year, making it the 43rd wettest U.S. state.
  28. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Colorado was 115 °F on Saturday, July 20, 2019, at John Martin Reservoir, CO.
  29. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Colorado was -61 °F on Friday, February 1, 1985, in Maybell, CO.
  30. Colorado is home to five major professional sports teams. The Denver Broncos (NFL), the Denver Nuggets (NBA), the Colorado Rockies (MLB), the Colorado Avalanche (NHL) and the Colorado Rapids (MLS).
  31. The deepest hot spring in the world is the Pagosa hot springs in southern Colorado with a depth of 1,002 feet.
  32. The 13th step at the Colorado State Capital Building in Denver marks exactly one mile above sea level.
  33. Denver, Colorado has the longest commercial street in America, Colfax Avenue spans 26.5 miles.
  34. An estimated 75% of the United States land above 10,000 feet is in Colorado.
  35. The City of Denver gets more sunshine per year than Miami with 300+ sunny days per year.
  36. 56 of the 91 mountain peaks in the United States over 14,000 feet are in Colorado.
  37. The highest automobile tunnel in the world is the Dwight Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel at 11,000 feet above sea level.
  38. The City of Leadville in Colorado is the highest incorporate city in the United States at 10,152 feet above sea level.
  39. The highest bridge in the United States is the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado at 955 feet above the ground. Between 1929 and 2001, it was the highest bridge in the world.
  40. In 1858, gold was discovered at Pike’s Peak and kicked off the Colorado Gold Rush.
  41. In 1893, Katharine Lee Bates wrote the lyrics to “America the Beautiful” on top of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs.
  42. In 1947, Loveland started the Valentine Re-Mailing Program, allowing people to have their Valentine Day cards and letters receive a special hand-stamped with a cachet and verse, and a specially designed postal cancelation.
  43. In 1954, the famous United States Air Force Academy opened in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  44. In 1970, Denver was selected to host the Winter Olympics, but had to withdraw two years later after Colorado voters reject funding via a statewide referendum.
  45. In 2017, the most damaging hailstorm in history struck the Denver Metropolitan area, with damage estimates reaching over $2.5 billion.
  46. Lawyer and Supreme Court Justice Byron White was born on June 8th, 1917, in Fort Collins, CO. He is most famous for his support of the expansion of governmental powers.
  47. NASA Astronaut and politician Jack Swigert was born on August 30th, 1931, in Denver, CO. He is famous for being the command module pilot on the Apollo 13 mission.
  48. Actor and comedian Tim Allen was born on June 13th, 1953, in Denver, CO. He is most famous for his role as Tim Taylor on Home Improvement.
  49. Colorado's official state motto is "Nil sine numine" (Latin: Nothing without Providence").
  50. Colorado's official state bird is the Lark bunting (Calamospiza melanocorys).
  51. Colorado's official state tree is the Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens).
  52. Colorado's official state flower is the Rocky Mountain Columbine (Aquilegia caerulea).

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