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Hawaii Facts

  • U.S. State Name: Hawaii
  • U.S. State Abbreviation: HI
  • U.S. Region: Western United States
  • Admission to the Union: August 21st, 1959
  • Total Area: 10,931 sq. mi.
  • Total Population: 1,455,271 (2020 USCB)
  • Capital City: Honolulu, HI
  • Largest City: Honolulu, HI

59 Hawaii Facts

  1. Hawaii is one of the 50 states of the United States of America.
  2. Hawaii was the 50th state to join the United States on 21783.
  3. Hawaii is in the western region of the United States.
  4. Hawaii is the 43rd largest U.S. state, covering a total of 10,931.72 square miles or 0.29% of the total area of the United States.
  5. Hawaii's 10,931.72 square miles is 58.75% land and 41.25% surface water.
  6. Hawaii is ranked 43rd with the most land area in the United States, with 6,422.63 square miles of land area.
  7. Hawaii is ranked 13th with the most water area in the United States, with 4,509.09 square miles of water area.
  8. Hawaii is the 40th most populated U.S. state with a population of 1,455,271 or 0.44% of the total population of the United States.
  9. The state capital of Hawaii is the city of Honolulu.
  10. Hawaii is divided into 5 counties statewide.
  11. Honolulu County is the most populated county in Hawaii
  12. The most populated city in Hawaii is Honolulu with an estimated 347,397 residents.
  13. The five most populated city in Hawaii are Honolulu, East Honolulu , Pearl City, Hilo and Kailua.
  14. A native or resident Hawaii is called a Hawaiian, kamaaina (native-born) or malihini (newcomer).
  15. Hawaii's average elevation statewide is 3,030 feet.
  16. Hawaii's highest elevation point is Mauna Kea at 13,803 feet.
  17. Hawaii's lowest elevation point is the Pacific Ocean at 0 feet.
  18. Hawaii is all in the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (HST).
  19. The two letter abbreviation for Hawaii is HI.
  20. The ISO 3166 code for Hawaii is US-HI.
  21. Hawaii is called the Aloha State.
  22. The estimated median household income in Hawaii is $83,102.
  23. Hawaii is the most expensive U.S. state to buy a home with an estimated median home price of $636,451.
  24. Hawaii is ranked 1st on the cost of living index out of all 50 U.S. states.
  25. Hawaii has the 14th oldest population in the United States with a median age of 40.
  26. Hawaii's average temperature is 72.95°F making it the warmest state in the United States.
  27. Hawaii on average has 50.33 inches of precipitation per year, making it the 6th wettest U.S. state.
  28. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Hawaii was 100 °F on Monday, April 27, 1931, in Pahala, HI.
  29. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Hawaii was 15 °F on Sunday, January 5, 1975, at the Mauna Kea Observatories, HI.
  30. The Hawaiian Islands are estimated to have first rose out of the ocean around four to five million years ago, starting with Kauai, followed by Oahu.
  31. Hawaii is estimated to have 137 islands, made up of eight large islands, several atolls, and numerous small islands.
  32. The eight major islands of Hawaii are Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe.
  33. The largest major island of Hawaii is Hawaii at 4,028 square miles.
  34. The smallest major island of Hawaii is Kahoolawe at 44.6 square miles.
  35. Hawaii is the only U.S. state to have two official languages, English and Hawaiian.
  36. In Hawaiian, Aloha has two meanings and can be used to “hello” or “goodbye”.
  37. Hawaii has outlawed all forms of gambling, including lotteries, scratch tickets and bingo.
  38. Hawaii has its own time zone, known as the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone, only a few small Aleutian Islands also use this time zone.
  39. Hawaii is home to the only tropical rainforests in the United States.
  40. There are several natural disasters that can affect Hawaii, including volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tsunamis.
  41. In 1778, British explorer and navigator James Cook became the first European to explore the Hawaiian Islands.
  42. In 1790, the Kilauea volcano erupted, known as the Keanakakoi eruption, killing around 400 Hawaiian inhabitants. The Keanakakoi eruption is classified as a VEI-4 eruption. It’s estimated to be the deadliest volcano eruption in what is now the modern-day United States.
  43. In 1898, the United States annexes the Republic of Hawaii. On July 4th, 1898, the joint resolution known as the Newlands Resolution is passed allowing the annexation of the Republic of Hawaii to the United States.
  44. In 1900, the Hawaiian Organic Act is passed and establishes the Territory of Hawaii.
  45. In 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked the United States in Hawaii at Peral Harbor during World War 2. The surprise military attacked occurred on December 7th, 1941. The attack resulted in the death of 2,335 U.S. military servicemen and 68 U.S. civilians.
  46. In 1959, the Hawaii Admission Act is passed and admits Hawaii as the 50th state of the United States.
  47. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki became the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall in Hawaii. Hurricane Iniki caused $3.1 billion in damage (1992 USD) and killed six people.
  48. In 1993, the Apology Resolution through a joint resolution. The Apology Resolution is an acknowledgement and apology by the United States government for overthrowing the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1983.
  49. In 2009, Hawaii born U.S. citizen Barrack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States.
  50. Surfer and actor Gerry Lopez was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on November 7th, 1948. He is famous for his amazing surfing skills and acting in famous films like Conan the Barbarian (1982).
  51. Businessman and investor Steve Case was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 21st, 1958. He is best known for being the CEO of America Online (AOL) during its prime.
  52. Politician and former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. He is famous for becoming the first African American President of the United States.
  53. Actress and producer Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 20th, 1967. She is famous for extensive and successful acting career. She won a 2003 Academy Award for best actress for her role in The Hours (2002).
  54. Professional beach volleyball player Kevin Wong was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on September 12th, 1972. He is known for various achievements in professional volleyball.
  55. Singer and songwriter Bruno Mars was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 8th, 1985. He is famous for his achievements in the music industry, including 15 Grammy Awards.
  56. Hawaii's official state motto is "Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Āina i ka Pono" (Hawaiian: The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness).
  57. Hawaii's official state bird is the Hawaiian goose  (Branta sandvicensis).
  58. Hawaii's official state tree is the Candlenut tree (kukui) (Aleurites moluccanus).
  59. Hawaii's official state flower is the Hawaiian hibiscus (Hibiscus brackenridgei).

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