Idaho Facts, Stats and Information

Idaho Facts

  • U.S. State Name: Idaho
  • U.S. State Abbreviation: ID
  • U.S. Region: Western United States
  • Admission to the Union: July 3rd, 1890
  • Total Area: 83,569 sq. mi.
  • Total Population: 1,839,106 (2020 USCB)
  • Capital City: Boise, ID
  • Largest City: Boise, ID

51 Idaho Facts

  1. Idaho is one of the 50 states of the United States of America.
  2. Idaho was the 43rd state to join the United States on July 3, 1890.
  3. Idaho is in the western region of the United States.
  4. Idaho is the 14th largest U.S. state, covering a total of 83,568.95 square miles or 2.20% of the total area of the United States.
  5. Idaho's 83,568.95 square miles is 98.89% land and 1.11% surface water.
  6. Idaho is ranked 14th with the most land area in the United States, with 82,643.12 square miles of land area.
  7. Idaho is ranked 33rd with the most water area in the United States, with 925.83 square miles of water area.
  8. Idaho is the 38th most populated U.S. state with a population of 1,839,106 or 0.56% of the total population of the United States.
  9. The state capital of Idaho is the city of Boise.
  10. Idaho is divided into 44 counties statewide.
  11. Ada County is the most populated county in Idaho
  12. The most populated city in Idaho is Boise with an estimated 228,790 residents.
  13. The five most populated city in Idaho are Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls and Caldwell.
  14. A native or resident Idaho is called a Idahoan.
  15. Idaho's average elevation statewide is 5,000 feet.
  16. Idaho's highest elevation point is Borah Peak at 12,668 feet.
  17. Idaho's lowest elevation point is the Snake River at 710 feet.
  18. Idaho is in both Mountain Time Zone (MT) and Pacific Time Zone (PT).
  19. The two letter abbreviation for Idaho is ID.
  20. The ISO 3166 code for Idaho is US-ID.
  21. Idaho is called the Gem State.
  22. The estimated median household income in Idaho is $60,999.
  23. Idaho is the 15th most expensive U.S. state to buy a home with an estimated median home price of $285,982.
  24. Idaho is ranked 20th on the cost of living index out of all 50 U.S. states.
  25. Idaho has the 44th oldest population in the United States with a median age of 37.2.
  26. Idaho's average temperature is 46.32°F making it the 39th warmest state in the United States.
  27. Idaho on average has 16.91 inches of precipitation per year, making it the 44th wettest U.S. state.
  28. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Idaho was 118 °F on Saturday, July 28, 1934, in Orofino, ID.
  29. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Idaho was -60 °F on Monday, January 18, 1943, in Island Park, ID.
  30. Idaho produces more potatoes annually than any other U.S. state, with more than 13.4 billion potatoes a year.
  31. Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho is the 8th largest lake in the United States with more than 14.3 trillion gallons of water. It is also the 5th deepest lake in the United States with a maximum depth of 1,152 feet.
  32. Evidence found in the Wilson Butte Cave in Jerome County in Idaho indicates humans were active in what is now modern-day Idaho over 15,000 years ago.
  33. Hells Canyon, a river gorge created by the Snake River, in the Hells Canyon National Park in Idaho, is the deepest river gorge in North America at a depth of 7,883 feet.
  34. In 1805, Lewis and Clark entered the Lemhi Pass in what is now modern-day Iowa.
  35. In 1863, the Idaho Territory is enacted by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.
  36. In 1890, Idaho becomes the 43rd U.S. state by a law signed by U.S. President Benjamin Harrison.
  37. In 1901, the Swan Falls Dam on the Snake River begins generating electricity.
  38. In 1936, the world’s first chairlift is operational at a ski resort in Sun Valley, Idaho.
  39. In 1951, the Experimental Breeder Reactor I (EBR-I) in Arco, Idaho became the first nuclear power plant to generate electricity.
  40. In 1976, the Teton Dam collapses and the flooding as a result kills 11 people.
  41. In 1992, an eleven day siege occurs at Ruby Ridge between United States Marshalls and Randy Weaver.
  42. Ink artist Lillian Disney was born in Spalding, Idaho on February 15th, 1899. She is known for being the wife of Walt Disney and her work at Disney Studios.
  43. Businessman and entrepreneur John Richard Simplot was born in Dubuque, Iowa on January 4th, 1909. He is known for starting the J. R. Simplot Company.
  44. U.S. combat pilot Pappy Boyington was born in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on December 4th, 1912. He is famous for his achievements as a fighter pilot during World War Two.
  45. Movie and TV announcer Dick Wesson was born in Boise, Idaho on February 20th, 1919. He is famous for being the announcer for The Wonderful World of Disney TV series.
  46. Actor Lewis Croft was born in Shelley, Idaho on May 2nd, 1919. He is famous for playing one of the Munchkin roles in The Wizard of Oz film in 1939.
  47. Actor Aaron Paul was born in Emmett, Idaho on August 27th, 1979. He is famous for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman on the AMC television series Breaking Bad.
  48. Idaho's official state motto is "Esto perpetua" (Latin: Let it be perpetual).
  49. Idaho's official state bird is the Mountain bluebird (Sialia currucoides).
  50. Idaho's official state tree is the Western White Pine (Pinus monticola).
  51. Idaho's official state flower is the Syringa, Mock Orange (Philadelphus lewisii).

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